On Becoming a Starbucks Barista

I stayed home from work today with a very nasty sore throat and a mild antibiotic-induced buzz.   After sleeping straight thru most of the morning, I finally mustered the energy to check email & such.   Came across Natalie MacLean’s wonderfully descriptive article “Calling the Shots” on her introduction to life as a Starbucks barista:

The store is filled with the cacophony of caffeine: the whirr of grinders, the rap-rap-rap of metal tampers, the crinkle of coffee bags opening, the steam-locomotive hiss of the milk frothers, the clink of spoons against mugs and the sighs of customers taking their first sips. Two baristas stand in the steam between the grinding and espresso machines, pulling levers and pushing buttons. They look like characters in a Dickens factory.

Billy Bob Thornton Loves Us!

Yup, Billy Bob is a Lone Star Booster. Well, so it seems anyway. First he starred in the historical drama The Alamo that’s set to release April 9th. And now Friday Night Lights, which is set for release on October 15, 2004. Billy Bob & crew had ascended upon Odessa for 3 weeks to complete post-production location filming, which wrapped this weekend. Having the film crew around gave our town’s economy and morale a much-needed shot in the arm.

For those not in the know, Friday Night Lights chronicles life in the football-driven West Texas city of Odessa and the feats of the ’88 season of famed Permian Panthers – the “winningest high-school football team in Texas history.”

The Future of Music

CBC News posted an article that’s an interesting read with some thought-provoking questions about what the music of the future will sound like. Dan Brown ponders, “Will the way that people access music have an effect on the content of that music?”

I forsee the Internet bringing an ever-increasingly diverse sound into the mainstream because it makes available artists, styles, and even means of making music from a global palette to even the most remote corners of countries where musical experimentation breeds. Whereas an aspiring kid growing up in the rural South might have been predestined to a blues or country-oriented style before, now there’s a potential for his style to be more heavily influenced by the sounds from a New Zealand Maori tribe. Consider how Middle Eastern musical influences have worked their way into mainstream pop in the past 2-3 years…

All The Rage…

ArtRage is a cool digital painting app that simulates real artist tools, such oil paint on canvas, pens, pencils, crayons, etc. ArtRage runs fine on Windows XP with a mouse, but is particularly fun on a Tablet PC because it takes advantage of the unique interaction of pen and screen to give a realistic painting feel. Best of all, it’s a small download and completely FREE!

Tragic CareStar Crash

Medical Center Hospital’s air ambulance program, CareStar, suffered a tremendous setback on Sunday, March 21st when the Bell 407 helicopter crashed, killing 4 of the 5 aboard. The exact cause of the accident has not been formally identified, but articles in the Odessa American cite poor weather conditions and reduced visibility as obvious contributors.

A Memorial Service for those lost was held on March 22nd at 2 p.m. on the MCH Helipad.

Lone crash survivor, Ronald Stephens, RN, was taken to Covenant Hospital in Lubbock and is listed in stable condition.

Painless Ink

Skuldra balklänning, finns det också en vacker sida. Så jag vill ändra format du ska sätta på en typ av balklänningar.
Fishtail balklänningar Overaller med en jacka plus-metoden är inte bara mycket varm, sade han halsduken runt, klädd i overaller absolut tillräckligt för att dra vinden, inte oroa sig för höga klackar kjol aldrig vill gå och handla Zhuangshan huvudvärk. Välj grundläggande modeller overall + lång päls, oroa dig inte om enkel god klädsel modet minskades men utsattes inte, tillsammans med ett par Oxford skor, rullade upp byxorna lite, så du definitivt drar vinden.

Som denna enkla avslappnad och ledig, ungdomar och avslappnad på bollen i mycket typ, så att du kan ta en titt på våren, även då barnslig brev skjorta och overaller med dem kommer inte att känna alltför mycket, men avslöjar en a typ av ungdomlig vitalitet.