Living Room Makeover Update

Work on our living room continued last night as we finished touch-up painting and loading stuff back into the entertainment center (aka “hernia maker.”)

And we sold our old sofa set to a fresh college grad outfitting his new apartment. That was a great relief, but also caused some problems since Dede’s new pit group has not arrived yet. So, we had to improvise…

Now all we need is the cooler full o’ beer and a camp stove!

"Our House" Project

Gradually over the past couple of years We’ve done lots of work in our home to make it more functional and welcoming and to give it a bit more updated look. I wanted an effective way to showcase some of this work and the steps along the way here on I came up with the idea of using a simplified blueprint-style plan to map out the different areas. Okay, okay, truthfully, I was heavily inspired by (stole) the concept from June Jackson’s excellent Hints and Things web site. Hopefully, I’ve stylized it enough to make it sorta our own…

So, once I was satisfied with the main graphic – and Dede taught me how to make the hotspots to make it functional – I started fleshing out the pages behind it to represent each room or area. All of this coincides with the ongoing living room makeover that we’ve been doing here at our house in the past couple of weeks. So, we’re by no means finished with the work – either here on or in our home – but please give it a look anyway! We’d love to hear what you think:

Our House

Windows Security Update CD Finally Available!

If you’ve done a scratch install of Windows XP lately, you’re sure to have agonized over the dozens of “critical updates” needed after the fact. Microsoft has (finally!) released a security update CD to ease this hassle significantly, though you’ll still have a little catch-up to do afterwards as it only contains updates up to February 5, 2004. Order a free copy from Microsoft by clicking here.

Good Friday? No, Kick-Ass Friday!

We had what can only be described as kick-ass day that was chock full of stuff to do – and amazingly all of what we intended to get done did, in fact, get done. What’s more we even knocked a couple of items off of tomorrow’s to-do list:

Started the morning with a couple of Starbucks Frappucino’s.

Drove over to Midland to visit Whit at Healthsouth – he’s doing well after his surgery!

Printed some digipics on the awesome kiosk at Kinko’s

Picked up a couple of shirts at Casual Male

Went to the Asian Market for ingredients for a new recipe  (Hey Dina!)

Went to the flower shop next door for a fresh red rose for Caliente

Jet back to Odessa for my 11 a.m. haircut – Love ya, Jen!

Went to Pinner Carpets to scope out new carpet for the living room

Lunch with Clems!

Clems & I added a new TV cable drop in our guest bedroom

Dede went to the Post Office for Whit’s mail

Clems, Dede, & I got really ambitious and decided to repaint the living room

Hand-washed Dede & Clem’s cars at the Alpine Laser Wash

Baked a frozen pizza for dinner & vegged with some TV.

Maybe I Spoke Too Soon…

No sooner was I boasting about the gorgeous SoCal-like weather than the rain came for a visit. Over 10 inches of rainfall in a single weekend!

Odessa's Flooded Streets

The outlook for the rest of the week is a little bleak as well…

Crappy Forecast for Odessa

SoCal Sound

Temps have hit 70-80° everyday for the last couple of weeks so we’ve been leaving most of our windows open night & day. Then a coupla days ago, Dede said aloud exactly what I had been thinking – this feels very SoCal. Nice.

So yesterday found me jonesin’ for some appropriate tunes and my home-brewed Sugar Ray mix disc fit the mood perfectly. Dede can’t get past Mark McGrath’s off-stage personality, so she pans the band entirely. But to me, their sound is almost as much SoCal now as Beach Boys were. Yeah, yeah, their last CD sorta tanked, but listen to some of their slightly older stuff like “Someday,” “Every Morning,” “When It’s Over,” and “Under The Sun” and tell me you can’t picture surfer dudes, beach babes, Ray Bans, & flip-flops.

I think I just caught a whiff of Coppertone…