SoCal Sound

Temps have hit 70-80° everyday for the last couple of weeks so we’ve been leaving most of our windows open night & day. Then a coupla days ago, Dede said aloud exactly what I had been thinking – this feels very SoCal. Nice.

So yesterday found me jonesin’ for some appropriate tunes and my home-brewed Sugar Ray mix disc fit the mood perfectly. Dede can’t get past Mark McGrath’s off-stage personality, so she pans the band entirely. But to me, their sound is almost as much SoCal now as Beach Boys were. Yeah, yeah, their last CD sorta tanked, but listen to some of their slightly older stuff like “Someday,” “Every Morning,” “When It’s Over,” and “Under The Sun” and tell me you can’t picture surfer dudes, beach babes, Ray Bans, & flip-flops.

I think I just caught a whiff of Coppertone…