Good Friday? No, Kick-Ass Friday!

We had what can only be described as kick-ass day that was chock full of stuff to do – and amazingly all of what we intended to get done did, in fact, get done. What’s more we even knocked a couple of items off of tomorrow’s to-do list:

Started the morning with a couple of Starbucks Frappucino’s.

Drove over to Midland to visit Whit at Healthsouth – he’s doing well after his surgery!

Printed some digipics on the awesome kiosk at Kinko’s

Picked up a couple of shirts at Casual Male

Went to the Asian Market for ingredients for a new recipe  (Hey Dina!)

Went to the flower shop next door for a fresh red rose for Caliente

Jet back to Odessa for my 11 a.m. haircut – Love ya, Jen!

Went to Pinner Carpets to scope out new carpet for the living room

Lunch with Clems!

Clems & I added a new TV cable drop in our guest bedroom

Dede went to the Post Office for Whit’s mail

Clems, Dede, & I got really ambitious and decided to repaint the living room

Hand-washed Dede & Clem’s cars at the Alpine Laser Wash

Baked a frozen pizza for dinner & vegged with some TV.