"Our House" Project

Gradually over the past couple of years We’ve done lots of work in our home to make it more functional and welcoming and to give it a bit more updated look. I wanted an effective way to showcase some of this work and the steps along the way here on 2Dolphins.com. I came up with the idea of using a simplified blueprint-style plan to map out the different areas. Okay, okay, truthfully, I was heavily inspired by (stole) the concept from June Jackson’s excellent Hints and Things web site. Hopefully, I’ve stylized it enough to make it sorta our own…

So, once I was satisfied with the main graphic – and Dede taught me how to make the hotspots to make it functional – I started fleshing out the pages behind it to represent each room or area. All of this coincides with the ongoing living room makeover that we’ve been doing here at our house in the past couple of weeks. So, we’re by no means finished with the work – either here on 2Dolphins.com or in our home – but please give it a look anyway! We’d love to hear what you think:

Our House