Life's a Beach!

Think "beach etiquette" sounds like an oxymoron?   Well, it seems that even the great outdoors has rules, as pointed out in this article on How to Practice Etiquette at the Beach that Steve B. referred us to.

And where better to test out these newfound social skills than in San Diego?   You can usually find $99 each-way tickets to San Diego at Southwest Airlines all through summertime.   Here are a few pictures from our fantastic Memorial Day ’03 with Topper in San Diego.

And if you go, you can’t go wrong if you listen to Local Wally’s San Diego Tourist Guide.   We’ve been to San Diego many times and considered ourselves pretty SD-savvy, but Wally still has plenty of cool places and stuff to do that we’d never heard of before.

The Transition from Chores to Privileges

It was a beautiful morning so we zipped down to our favorite DIY car wash to knock some of the dust & road grime off of Caliente.

Dede & I both realized that we’re only now beginning to understand the value cialis mail order india of chores that, as kids, we begrudged.   What am I talking about?   Well, washing our cars, for starters, I didn’t get why Rich took such great pride in laboriously slathering Turtle Wax on his cars.   Likewise, I sure didn’t get why it mattered to mow the grass all the stinking time.

But now…

Mowing, edging, trimming & cleaning up the yard still isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but it is among the most satisfying (and therapeudic) of my homeowner tasks.   With the swell of pride I get from inspecting my freshly manicured yard, you’d think I had invented the lawnmower or something.   And from the proud grin that a shiney coat of wax on our cars plants firmly on our faces, you’d think we actually had a hand in building them.

Yeah, now I get it…

Sweat equity.”   If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the thing that transforms a house into a home — and turns something you own into a thing of value that you cherish.   It gives you the feeling that you’ve earned the right to ownership.   Sweat equity makes you feel like you’ve made good use of a day.

And hey, the few bucks saved and bit of energy exerted washing our own cars helps us feel a little less guilty about the occassional splurge at Starbucks…

Cut to the chaise

In the frenzied aftermath of our DFW trip, I forgot to mention that the re-ordered chaise for our new living room sectional sofa finally arrived. We picked it up from ADA the evening before we hit the road. So, be sure to click on the Living Room from this map to see the completed sectional set.

Ghosts of Springfests Past

The employees at MCH have a fund-raising fair each year called Springfest with the proceeds going towards Children’s Miracle Network, which is an incredibly worthwhile charity that has blessed the lives of countless families right here in the Permian Basin. This year, Dede & I had to miss Springfest because we were at the Texas New Beetle Roundup, but thinking back on this fun little annual event reminded me of the 2000 Springfest when Johnny Law had to set a few things right (to raise a few extra bucks):
Dede gets busted at SpringfestJailbird Brad at Springfest

Cali’s a Winner!

The Texas New Beetle Roundup over the weekend was a whole lotta fun! We were finally able to put some faces with the names we’ve come to know on the Org. There were nearly 50 VW New Beetles that displayed in the show and 14 in my class (Stock). I was so shocked that Caliente won 3rd Place in her division. Especially considering all of the other awesome NB’s in her category, I didn’t think Cali stood a chance. I want to thank the TNBRU and Metro for a great show and a great trophy!

Click here to view photos from the TNBRU show.
Texas New Beetle Roundup 2004 Trophy

Awesome Packing Tip

John Walkenbach’s blog is just great – we check it almost daily and usually find the coolest stuff there. Today, he posted a link to a site that features a short Quicktime video that will teach you a revolutionary new way to fold shirts. Like John, we had to watch the video a few times to catch the quick slight of hand that the girl does before we could duplicate her efforts. It’s like pulling a magic trick on yourself because you won’t believe that it works even after you’ve done it yourself.

Also worth checking out is, formerly known as “The Compleat Carry-On Traveler.” This site has been around for years (I found it when researching for our Ireland trip in ’98) and, while its geared towards very light travellers, there’s a wealth of information that’s great for anyone looking to travel smarter. They’ve also got tons of reviews on a wide variety of bags, packs, and other travel stuffs.

Survivor 8 Wrapping Up

Well, Survivor 8 is all but over and, as predicted, Rob Mariano & Amber Brkich were the final two, with Amber winning the cool mil. Now all that’s left is to wait until Thursday evening to see who we viewers chose to get the bonus mil – we’re pulling for Rupert – and find out where Survivor 9 will be located. Congratulations to Paula for winning the $90 work pool! Not a bad haul for someone who doesn’t even watch the show, huh?