Awesome Packing Tip

John Walkenbach’s blog is just great – we check it almost daily and usually find the coolest stuff there. Today, he posted a link to a site that features a short Quicktime video that will teach you a revolutionary new way to fold shirts. Like John, we had to watch the video a few times to catch the quick slight of hand that the girl does before we could duplicate her efforts. It’s like pulling a magic trick on yourself because you won’t believe that it works even after you’ve done it yourself.

Also worth checking out is, formerly known as “The Compleat Carry-On Traveler.” This site has been around for years (I found it when researching for our Ireland trip in ’98) and, while its geared towards very light travellers, there’s a wealth of information that’s great for anyone looking to travel smarter. They’ve also got tons of reviews on a wide variety of bags, packs, and other travel stuffs.

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