Back from Roswell

We just returned from the Roswell R2k New Beetle Show. It was an awesome show with lots of cool bugs. The parade down Main Street after the show was led by Dean Jones from the Herbie movies. We had fun throwing candy to the kids lined up to watch the parade. It was great to see the people from the Dallas show again and make new friends from around the country.

Click here to check out the photos from the show!

Off to Meet the Mothership

We are heading out for Roswell to take our pod Caliente to meet up with the other pods for the 5th annual Roswell 2K New Beetle get togther.

This is our first time to make the trek. We can’t wait to see some of the peeps we met last month at the Texas New Beetle Round-Up and make new friends from around the U.S.

Pictures coming soon!

Roswell 2K Car Show for New Beetles

Roswell 2K Car Show for Volkwagen New Beetles

When Volkswagen introduced their New Beetle (a freshly updated version of the classic model) in 1998, the advertisements claimed it to be “Reverse Engineered from UFO’s.” This week, several New Beetle caravans will begin cross-country treks from strategic points across the nation for the 5th annual “Roswell 2K Car Show Weekend,” on June 18 – 20.

Roswell, the infamous site of an alleged, government-suppressed, UFO crash in 1947, will be host to an estimated crowd of more than 20,000 people, making it the biggest New Beetle event in the world. And conservative estimates put the number of Volkswagen New Beetles that will be displayed in the show at well over 500.

Volkswagen of America, Inc. will, for the first time, have an official presence this year as hosts of the evening “Sky Watch Party,” Friday, June 18th where participants just might witness a UFO landing.

The 3-day event centers around the New Beetle car show on Saturday, June 19th at the Convention Center in downtown Roswell, followed by a New Beetle Parade down Roswell’s historic Main Street. Dean Jones, from the original Disney “Love Bug” movies will serve as parade Grand Marshall. The Roswell Zoo will host an “Alien Picnic” event featuring an Alien Costume Contest, food, and games for the kids.

On Sunday, New Beetle owners will tour the International UFO Museum and then cruise to Carlsbad, NM for the “Buffalo Hump Rally.” Later that night, the New Beetles will take in a flick at the local drive-in movie theatre.

Returning this year is Podvision, a rolling live webcam documenting the trek from Durham, NC to Roswell and then the event itself. You can begin monitoring their progress when Podvision begins realtime broadcasting on Tuesday morning, June 15th.


If you’re not up on the “Feng Shui” thang, don’t get put off by the Asian mysticism vibe. Even without digging too deeply into the subject, most of the concepts do make sense and can make for a more effective room layout. So, with that in mind, Dede was all about enhancing the “chi” in our newly reworked living room. While still looking for finishing touches, she had a Trading Spaces moment…

This was a bit tricky to capture because of the low light and size of the room, but you get an idea of the ambient glow that she created using these hard-to-find accent lighting canisters with the “natural light” bulbs that Topper recommended:

Nifty uplight from Lowe's Behold the ambience!


(Click here for a larger version of the above photo or click on the Living Room on this map to see more pics.)


Tips for eBay Photos

I ran across an interesting article today on how to take better pictures for your eBay ads. I have had problems taking photos of boxes shrinked wrapped many times. Seems like the glare from the flash or lights always ends up blocking out part of the picture or text on the box, but after reading this article, I think I can remedy that.

Shoot Products for eBay