If you’re not up on the “Feng Shui” thang, don’t get put off by the Asian mysticism vibe. Even without digging too deeply into the subject, most of the concepts do make sense and can make for a more effective room layout. So, with that in mind, Dede was all about enhancing the “chi” in our newly reworked living room. While still looking for finishing touches, she had a Trading Spaces moment…

This was a bit tricky to capture because of the low light and size of the room, but you get an idea of the ambient glow that she created using these hard-to-find accent lighting canisters with the “natural light” bulbs that Topper recommended:

Nifty uplight from Lowe's Behold the ambience!


(Click here for a larger version of the above photo or click on the Living Room on this map to see more pics.)