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Java Junkies Beware…

Turns out that Starbucks may be America’s biggest drug pusher according to Roger Downey’s article in Seattle Weekly, This Is Your Brain on a Frappuccino. According to Downey:

The U.S. government allocates many billions of dollars a year to the War on Drugs, but it spends hardly a penny on the most insidious, most omnipresent psychoactive drug of all. I refer, of course, to caffeine (C8H10N4O2), the little alkaloid that made [Starbucks].

Progress Report

Today is the 2 week ‘anniversary’ of my weight loss surgery! The first question that probably pops into your mind is, “Well, how much weight have you lost?” Dede and I are in a bit of disagreement over the numbers. Y’see, from what I weighed prior to surgery on Tuesday, July 27th, to the following Thursday morning, I had gained slightly over 20 lbs due to all of the IV fluids pumped in during and post-surgery.

I don’t really count all that since it was kind of an artificial gain – it was just water – but Dede thinks it all counts. Anyway, I’ve shed that 20 lbs of “water weight” and I’m down 29 lbs from my July 27th starting weight as of this morning.

I don’t feel a difference yet, but I am starting to notice a few things. My wedding ring won’t stay on my ring finger today. My watch kinda dangles off of my wrist a bit. Dede insists that she can already see a difference.

I’m keeping up with a fairly standard morning routine – getting up early, showering, having breakfast, and getting dressed – as though I were having to leave for work. I figured there’d be no point in settling into lazy habits that I’d have to wean back off of in a few weeks. I’m walking for 20 minutes twice a day and I especially enjoy the cool and quiet early morning strolls.

Daytime T.V. sucks. I’ve read books and surfed the net until my poor eyeballs are bleary. Been working my way through a Photoshop tutorial book… Spent awhile this morning vacuuming and dusting. Folded some laundry I did yesterday. Still get worn out and have to take naps during the day. I’m not released to drive yet, so I’m kinda stuck here at the house. Can you tell I’m bored?

Well, there you have it… Recovery is progressing along and I’m feeling a little stronger day by day. Still testing the waters on this whole “solid food” thing. Thanks again to everyone who’s been passing words of encouragment along via Dede!

This Special Day – Part II

Today marks another, even more important occasion – our wedding anniversary. Dede and I were married 8 years ago today. The time seems like such a blink – I recall so vividly all of the funny details of our wedding day. That was truly a day of firsts and my life has been so undeservedly and richly blessed since that special day. Dede isn’t only my wife, she’s my partner, my closest friend, my rock. Incredibly, she thinks I’m wonderful in spite of everything I’ve done that might’ve convinced her otherwise. She’s special in ways I don’t even have the words to describe…

Happy Anniversary, Dede!

Rob & Dede's Wedding Day - August 3rd, 1996

This Special Day – Part I

August 3rd is a special day for a couple of reasons. Today marks the first week milestone of my having weight loss surgery. The decision to undergo Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass was the culmination of more than 2 years of thoughtful consideration, research, discussion, and prayer. I was initially unsure how – or who – to tell about this decision because it was such a personal choice.

Overall, my surgery and post-op days were truly blessed. I’ve experienced little pain, just general aches and soreness and unusual sensations. My surgeon, Dr. Davenport was very attentive – he made sure that I was well-informed all along the way and the visits while I was in the hospital felt like he’d gone out of his way to make quality time for Dede & me. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t also praise the MCH 6C nursing staff, especially Mona, Brad, Hope, & Shawna. They were patient and supportive and, well, just everything I needed and more.

And of course, it goes without saying that I couldn’t have undergone this kind of life-changing surgery were it not for Dede’s understanding, support, and unconditional love.

So now, one week post-op, I’m back at home recovering and doing well and the prospects of the changes I’ll be making in the coming weeks and months are so exciting that I can’t bear not to share. I’m proud of myself for having the determination to go through with such a dramatic procedure. I’m excited to imagine how my size will no longer dominate and limit nearly every decision I make. I’m thrilled to imagine cool new clothes for Christmas. But more than anything else, I’m filled with joy at the idea of having bought myself many more happy, healthy years with Dede.

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement! I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

B.J. & His Bear

Topper’s nephew, and our friend, B.J. Hull stopped by to visit with us today on his way back to Virginia.   He’s traded cialis canadian pharmacy in his pickup for a Jeep Grand Cherokee and is about to head out for his 25-hour trip back home.   But with his beanie bear from his Nana seat-belted in as his co-pilot, we have every confidence in a safe and speedy trip.

B.J. & his Beanie bear


Favorite Quote of the Week

“Everyone is born creative;   everyone is given a box of crayons in kindergarten.   Then when you hit puberty they take the crayons away and replace them with books on algebra etc.   Being suddenly hit years later with the creative bug is just a wee voice telling you, ‘I’d like my crayons back, please.'”

     — Hugh Macleod