Our New Printer

Several weeks ago, Dede and I had a chance to see an Epson Photo Stylus R200 printer in action at our favorite adult candy store, Best Buy. I had been wanting one of these and seeing it in person convinced us to take the plunge. Our 4-year old HP Inkjet 722 was out of ink and the 2 replacement ink cartridges were going to run more than half the price of a whole new – and far better quality – printer.

For about $85, this printer is an awesome value! It’s a no-frills (no LCD, no memory card reader slots, no complicated setup) printer with 6 ink cartridges for very nice photo quality output and features borderless 3×5, 4×5, and 8×10 prints. Even more exciting for me is that it allows you to print directly onto a CD or DVD with the use of a special caddy.

If you’re in the market for a new printer, this is certainly worth a look! Here are a few links to info and reviews on the Epson Photo Stylus R200.

 Imaging Resource Epson Photo Stylus R200 Press Release

 PC Magazine’s Epson Photo Stylus R200 Review

 PC Plus’s Epson Photo Stylus R200 Review

Here’s a photo of the printer and several custom CDs I’ve done:

Epson Photo Stylus R200 inkjet printer with CD/DVD caddy

Rob gets jiggy with printing custom CDs!