TiVo At Last!

I’ve been wanting TiVo for well over a year now but the problem was that I didn’t know anyone personally that had TiVo who could answer specifics regarding what it could and/or could not do. That all changed Friday when one of my co-workers (thanks Scott!) filled me in on what a “life change” it has been for him. So, I did some research last night at the TiVo website and found out they have a $100 rebate special going on. I took that as an omen and we headed once again to our favorite adult candy store, Best Buy to take the plunge.

Rob & I just finished the simple hookup and TiVo is now in the process of downloading and updating itself with the current TV listings—a process that takes about 6 hours the first time! Even though we can’t record anything until the initial update finishes, we’re able to replay live TV and that is way cool!

We also purchased a Linksys wireless USB network adapter (Linksys rules!) to connect TiVo to our home network. The network setup was a snap and this will allow us to play MP3 music and view photos from our PCs on the TV. I can’t wait to test that out!

Can you spot the hidden surprise?

Update:   Can’t get enough of the fun, iconic TiVo sounds? Thanks to Sean Burke, you can find ’em here.

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