TiVo = TV Survival

TiVo logoWhat more appropriate time could there be for buying a TiVo than right now so you’ll be able to record those upcoming Survivor:Palau episodes? You can get the 40-hour Series 2 model for an additional $30 off of the normal $99 at Goodguys.com. Add a network adapter to your new TiVo and you can view photos and even stream MP3 music files off of your home PC and play them thru your living room sound system. Just doesn’t get much more cool than that! Don’t forget to give us a referral if you sign up for the TiVo service! We’d sure appreciate it!

Already have a TiVo and just can’t get enough of those funky sounds? Thanks to Sean Burke, you can download the TiVo Sounds and use them on your PC.

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