Devious & Dastardly Dolphins

An entry over at Gerard Vlemmings’ excellent Presurfer blog has had me in stitches for the last day or so…

Anti-Dolphin Organization logoIt seems that the clever folks at the Anti-Dolphin Organization are convinced that dolphins intend to corrupt, and ultimately dominate, humans with their array of menacing abilities & devious ways.   The ADO urges you not to ever let dolphins get you down by remembering:

You are a human.

You have opposable thumbs.

You can stand upright.

You rule.

Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

The MCH Bariatrics Support Group devoted our May meeting to wishing a fond farewell to Denise Evans, that program’s director. Denise leaves this weekend for Lubbock to help revamp their program.

Denise Evans

It’s no exaggeration to say that, had it not been for Denise, I probably would never have mustered the courage to have my gastric bypass surgery last July. She initiated the Bariatric Services program that made the procedure available locally. But most importantly, while I had read about weight loss surgery in Men’s Health magazine about 3 years ago, Denise was the first person to put a face on what the surgery was about. Her shared experiences and encouragement set the stage for a lifechanging opportunity for which I have no means of expressing the depth of my gratitude.

What’s more, she’s one of the handful of loyal 2Dolphins fans who never seems to miss a beat on the blog posts. Denise, its knowing that you get why Foamy & Trunk Monkey are our heroes that makes keeping up with this site all the more rewarding. So, you may be out of sight for awhile, but certainly not out of our hearts & minds. Love ya!

More Men of Distinction

Seems like I was right on target with my previous blog entry about Hawaiian shirt fashion, based on the comments I’ve heard at work.   And again, I wonder how anyone can call into question style that was pioneered by such Hollywood legends as Lee Marvin, Bing Crosby, and hey, even Ernest Borgnine.   Here’s another coupla guys showcasing some classic fashion sensibilities:

Dr. Marchioni wearing a Hawaiian shirt Barry Hill wearing a Hawaiian shirt


A 100 in the Shade

It was a hot one today – 100° in the shade!   We took Caliente to work today and drove home with the top down.   I guess summer has officially arrived in Texas.   I snapped this picture under a shade tree in our driveway.   Hard to believe its only May and we’re reaching triple digits already!

Thermometer shows 100 degrees in the shade


Its Hawaiian Shirt Time!

The thermometer has already crept up over 90° a few times and, despite the stormy weather we’re having this weekend that might suggest otherwise, Summer is here.   Heck, Dede & I have already gotten – and recovered from – our first sunburns of the year.   (With a little luck, our trusty friend, Coppertone Sport Sunblock Spray will keep us safe for the remainder of the season but oddly enough you’ve gotta be smart enough to use it before it can do its job.)

And what would Summer be without “Hawaiian” shirts?   So as we prepared to go out yesterday, I threw on some comfy cargo shorts, a pair of breezy flip-flops, and a tropical shirt. Dede gave me a hard time about how I’m drawn to these darned things but I pointed out that, “well, its a guy thing.”   Hey, what’s good enough for John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, & Elvis, is good enough for me!   And here’s a few other guys who know a thing or two about fashion…

Rich wearing a Hawaiian shirt Buddy wearing a Hawaiian shirt

Topper wearing a Hawaiian shirt Rob wearing a Hawaiian shirt

And Topper rushed to my defense, “I think it looks comfy casual and smartly dressy depending on the setting.”   So, here’s some info that we assembled on the origin & finer points of Aloha shirts (a.k.a. Hawaiian shirts):

red check mark   History of Hawaiian Shirts & Hawaiian Clothing

red check mark   Hawaiian Shirts – A Colorful History

red check mark   Wikipedia’s take on the Aloha shirt

red check mark   Tommy Bahama – Purveyor of island lifestyles

So, go get yourself a fun tropical shirt or two and make your own fashion statement this Summer!   And if you’ll send me a photo of you sporting a stylish Hawaiian shirt, I’ll post it right here in this blog for all to see & admire!


The Office Remodel Continues…

We have the walls & ceiling painted, carpet installed, and windows replaced and have started moving back into our home office.   Of course, the first thing in was our computers and our new computer desks.   In fact, that’s about as far as we’ve gotten.   Once we were back up & running, we wanted to take some time out to catch our breath and enjoy the room – and post a few pics.

Click the new Mango Gold-colored square in the Our House” diagram to see our progress!

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates on the home office project!

Home Office Remodel

We started our home office remodel on Friday. Our plan was to pull up the old carpet and stain the bare concrete slab below and make new home windows. The best laid plans sometimes just don’t work out! After we pulled up the old carpet and pad, we found even older vinyl tiles. Under those vinyl tiles, we found some really stubborn old black glue. After some Googling, we read that acetone would help remove the glue. We tested this theory with a bottle of fingernail polish and a wire brush and found that the glue was tougher than we were! Time for Plan B…

Plan A - Still Looking Good!

Plan B – we got up Saturday morning and went carpet shopping. The new carpet will be installed next Saturday. As much as the file cabinets / kitchen countertop was functional as computer workstations, we are ready for something different. We had to learn more about the space management and did some new office furniture shopping – got furniture floor protectors as well – and found what we think will be our new workstations (pictures coming soon after carpet installation). We did a quick shopping spree at Home Depot and prepped the room for painting. We now have the room mostly painted. Since our main computers are down during the remodel, we have limited computer web publishing tools on the notebook so look for the full photo coverage once our office is back up.

Remember you can go to our “Photos” and Our House link to view pictures of our other home projects.