Home Office Remodel

We started our home office remodel on Friday. Our plan was to pull up the old carpet and stain the bare concrete slab below and make new home windows. The best laid plans sometimes just don’t work out! After we pulled up the old carpet and pad, we found even older vinyl tiles. Under those vinyl tiles, we found some really stubborn old black glue. After some Googling, we read that acetone would help remove the glue. We tested this theory with a bottle of fingernail polish and a wire brush and found that the glue was tougher than we were! Time for Plan B…

Plan A - Still Looking Good!

Plan B – we got up Saturday morning and went carpet shopping. The new carpet will be installed next Saturday. As much as the file cabinets / kitchen countertop was functional as computer workstations, we are ready for something different. We had to learn more about the space management and did some new office furniture shopping – got furniture floor protectors as well – and found what we think will be our new workstations (pictures coming soon after carpet installation). We did a quick shopping spree at Home Depot and prepped the room for painting. We now have the room mostly painted. Since our main computers are down during the remodel, we have limited computer web publishing tools on the notebook so look for the full photo coverage once our office is back up.

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