Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

The MCH Bariatrics Support Group devoted our May meeting to wishing a fond farewell to Denise Evans, that program’s director. Denise leaves this weekend for Lubbock to help revamp their program.

Denise Evans

It’s no exaggeration to say that, had it not been for Denise, I probably would never have mustered the courage to have my gastric bypass surgery last July. She initiated the Bariatric Services program that made the procedure available locally. But most importantly, while I had read about weight loss surgery in Men’s Health magazine about 3 years ago, Denise was the first person to put a face on what the surgery was about. Her shared experiences and encouragement set the stage for a lifechanging opportunity for which I have no means of expressing the depth of my gratitude.

What’s more, she’s one of the handful of loyal 2Dolphins fans who never seems to miss a beat on the blog posts. Denise, its knowing that you get why Foamy & Trunk Monkey are our heroes that makes keeping up with this site all the more rewarding. So, you may be out of sight for awhile, but certainly not out of our hearts & minds. Love ya!