Google Guide

I just discovered Nancy Blachman’s Google Guide website.   This is a great site for learning about all the stuff you can do on Google.   It always frustrates me to find out months down the road about a feature that has been available at Google for a while.  I knew there must be some place on the Internet that would list all the features in one place and now I have found it.   Thanks Nancy for this terrific website!

Introducing… The Pangans

We had the pleasure & privilege of attending Clemens & Sophia’s wedding tonight and to say that it was a special event would be a real understatement. It was a intended to be a low-key and simple outdoor ceremony, but the lovely & unexpected setting combined with an awesome fireworks display as the couple was introduced by Judge Spivey at sunset to make this a truly memorable occasion.

The reception afterwards included, typical of every Filipino occasion, enough incredible food to last for days. The reception hall was decorated beautifully by Clemens’ sister Brenda, her best friend Joanne, & their talented team of helpers. Alan provided a terrific slideshow showcasing Clems & Soph’s early pictures, their engagement, and the wedding. The family’s enthusiasm and love was evident throughout the special celebration. Click here to see more photos from the event.

Shouts out to the rest of the “Table #1” troublemakers!!

Clems & Soph get married
Incredible sunset fireworks are a fitting tribute to a special ceremony
Clems & Soph share some wedding cake


Sophie’s Choice

Sophie has made her choice and Clem’s is the man! Sophie arrived from Manila today and we started her off right by taking her to Rosa’s for her first meal in America. You just can’t go wrong with Rosa’s! Welcome to Odessa Soph, we’re glad you are finally here!!!

Soph with her choice The happy couple in front of Rosa's