J-Walk Blog Link Experiment

Cue the mad scientist's gurgling lab beaker sound effect!

This post is part of an experiment (Cue the mad scientist’s gurgling lab beaker sound effects!) that John Walkenbach is conducting to find every site that links to his post:

One thing that nearly all bloggers have in common is that they like to know when another blog links to them. Using a variety of sources, I think I have a pretty good handle on finding other blogs that link to J-Walk Blog. In fact, I think I find about 90% of them — but I may be wrong. This is an experiment to see how “findable” blog references are. Put me to the the test, fellow bloggers.

I’ve referenced John’s blog here several times before and consider it a must-read. He’s always coming up with interesting links and thought-provoking topics. And this may also serve as a means of getting the 2Dolphins blog noticed by a few more people, so its all good.