Wright is wrong! Set Love free!

Wright is wrong!  Set Love free!

On our recent Southwest Airlines flight to/from California, the flight attendants were wearing buttons that read “Wright is Wrong” and making in-flight announcements asking passengers to help repeal the Wright Amendment by writing Congress. Rob did some research last night to find out what it is was all about. The website Set Love Free explains the Wright Amendment and gives details about why it is bad, but in a nutshell, the Wright Amendment prohibits Southwest Airlines from offering non-stop flights from their home airport Love Field to any states that do not directly border Texas. If allowed access to longhaul markets from Love Field, consumers would benefit from DFW’s airlines having to compete with the fares offered by Southwest at Love Field. I bet you can figure out who is supporting the Wright Amendment! 😉

Please do your part in helping repeal the Wright Amendment by going to the website and asking your legislators to “Set Love Free” so we can all benefit from lower fares!