Survivor: Guatemala – The Maya Empire

Survivor: Guatemala - The Maya Empire

Kicking off it’s 11th season, Survivor: Guatemala – The Maya Empire started tonight! And its safe to say that this season’s castaways had the most brutal beginning yet with a grueling 11 mile jungle trek.

And we’re especially happy to see two of our favorites, Stephanie & Bobby Jon back in the game this round. Looks like the 2 tribes are going to need the extra boost from having these experienced players because this season looks like it’ll make the earlier ones seem almost easy.

Buzz around the office is that 3 or 4 of the Survivor: Guatemala castaways have twin siblings and that this may come into play at some point during the season, but host Jeff Probst has officially denied those rumors, despite the fact that twins do play a major role in Mayan culture.

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