Happy Halloween

We went to a couple of Halloween parties last night. This year we went as skeletons. We made our own costumes and I thought they turned out pretty good. The only thing that we should have done different is use paint instead of stick on paper. We kept dropping bones all night. I think by the time we got home this morning, I had completely lost one leg bone and had another one falling off. Rob lost 3 leg bones, it’s a wonder he could even walk! Here is a link to our Halloween photo album if you want to view more pictures.

The Bones' out on the town

A Star is Born

We just got back from San Angelo where Amberly performed in her first rock concert at the Oasis Lounge. Her band Acid Ego, was made up of 3 girls and 2 guys all from her Rock 101 music class. They did a AWESOME job and the set list included: I Love Rock ‘n Roll, Wild Thing, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, Warning and an original song by Amberly. I’m sure this is the first of many more concerts to come for Amberly. Rock on “A”… your fans love ya!!!!

Amberly Rocks!

Dolphin Discoveries

bottlenose dolphin photoRecently, Dede posted a link to a very interesting Animal Planet article about a group of researchers who have discovered that dolphins are among the very few non-human species known to use tools and that their tool-use abilities are socially learned rather than a genetic or instinctive skill.

Now in a major step forward in their ongoing quest to communicate with our cetacean mammal friends, scientists have made another fascinating discovery…

Dolphins Can Learn To Sing

ABC Science News reports that researchers at Disney’s Epcot Center in Florida have proven that dolphins can be taught how to sing.   They’ve discovered that dolphins possess skills involved in processing language and music that were previosly thought to be uniquely human.   Although there are doubts about whether the dolphins realize they are producing what we people consider "music," they are the first nonhuman mammals to have demonstrated that they can recognize rhythms and reproduce them vocally.

New Dolphin Species Discovered!

In other dolphin news, a team of scientists in Queensland, Australia have posted findings of the first new dolphin species discovered in 30 years.   Orcaella heinsohni, or Australian snubfin dolphins were initially thought to be members of the Irrawaddy species, also found in Australian waters, but one researcher found the Snubfins bore different colorations and had unique dimensional characteristics.   DNA tests were used to confirm that they are indeed two distinct species.

Despite the name, however, I’m confident that these Snubfin dolphins are no more uppity than any of the other ever-so-friendly dolphin species.   Y’know, sometimes a foreign accent can lend an unintended air of arrogance…

Naming Names

Sometimes you stumble across the coolest little tools to do stuff that you just never knew how you did without.   I found one such tool recently…   1-4a Rename.

1-4a Rename is an amazingly simple but powerful file renaming utility.   It makes renaming batches of files, like MP3s or digital photos a breeze!   What’s more, 1-4a Rename doesn’t have to be installed and is tiny so it’ll easily fit on a thumb drive or even a floppy, and it’s FREE!   Go get yourself a copy now before the author regains his sanity and starts charging for this little gem!