Foxtrot Takes Aim at the Sony DRM Debacle

Dunno how I managed to be so unaware of Bill Amend’s Foxtrot syndicated comic strip.   I’ve glanced at it in the Sunday paper a few times but never really paid much attention, but this one caught my eye:

Bill Amend's Nov. 21, 2005 Foxtrot strip

Bill, it turns out, is a techie geek at heart and really hit the nail on the head with this jab at the whole Sony DRM scandal.   I lifted this right off of Jody Cairns’ blog site Steel White Table, so it seemed only right to at least give him credit for the find.

If you’ve followed along you know how much I love music, but am fiercely opposed to the whole DRM thing.   I know lots of people will be getting MP3 players for Christmas this year (Hint: Go iPod!), so take a little time to educate yourself on the digital music scene and, in particular, this DRM stuff before it has a chance to cause you a bunch of grief.

Quick Tip:
You can avoid getting nailed by the sort of malicious copy-protection software that’s giving Sony such a black eye by simply holding down on the left Shift key when you insert a CD into your PC, thereby preventing it from autolaunching.   Dede found out the hard way about rootkits with a Dido CD recently.