Swap CDs for an iPod

Been jonesin’ for an iPod but jolly ol’ Saint Nick didn’t see fit to bring you one? Well, according to Jeff Smykil over at Ars Technica, you may still be in luck. Millennium, an independant music store in Charleston, SC, is offering a trade-in program where you can swap your old music CDs for an iPod. The trade-in ratio ranges from 45 (for a 512 MB iPod Shuffle) to 175 CDs (for a 60 GB iPod). Note that the CDs you trade-in must be in good shape and have the original jewel case and liner notes.

Breakfast – A Crime Deterrent?

I’m all about breakfast.   Always have been.   I have my Mom to thank for that, since she knew the value of starting the day off with something healthy (she was into healthy food way before it was fashionable) and almost always made time to whip up a hot breakfast for us when we were kids.   Thanks, Mom!

It seems that Eddy Chavey, a.k.a. “Mr. Breakfast” agrees that Mom was really onto something.   He arrives at a surprising theory after some creative analysis of statistics on prison inmates:

A study of 281 death row inmates executed since 1986 revealed that only 7.5% chose breakfast as their final meal.   Of all women executed since 1970, none chose breakfast.   By deduction, we realize that as a society, breakfast lovers are 93% less likely to commit serious crimes.

Thus breakfast may even be more vital to your physical & mental well-being than previously imagined.   In fact, he suggests that breakfast may actually serve as a crime deterrent.   He goes on to theorize that, among the several factors that cause breakfast-lovers less prone to fatal crimes, people who wake up early enough to have breakfast tend to lead more organized lives which results in more organized mindset and that it is the appreciation of the meal itself that’s indicative of an appreciation for life.

In another article, he theorizes that simply adding breakfast (or improving your breakfast meal choices) can alleviate mild depression.

Mr. Breakfast – a graduate of the Los Angeles New School of Cooking, writer, and television food authority – is on a commendable mission: (1) To instill the importance of eating breakfast; (2) to show how multi-faceted and fantastic the most important meal of the day can be and (3) to help provide breakfast to those in need through the promotion of school breakfast programs and food charities.

The Mr. Breakfast.com website features more info on this all-too-important first meal of the day than you can shake a yogurt smoothie at, so go check it out!

Soph’s First Snow

We woke up to snow this morning. It is the first snow we have seen here in a long time and it was the first snow that Sophie had ever seen in person. She was so happy as you can see in the photo below.

Soph welcomes the snow

The Consumer Backlash Against Sony

Boycott Sony bannerY’know, I’m all about spreading the good word about businesses and companies who treat their customers right.   For example, is there anyone who hasn’t heard me sing praises of Best Cleaners?   If you’re local (you know who you are) and have clothes that need to be "dry cleaned," these folks truly do live up to their name.

Likewise, companies who don’t treat their customers right should get their just desserts too.   There’s been a tremendous buzz lately over Sony and their malicious "rootkit" DRM scheme.   Watchdog advocates are calling for consumers to speak their minds during this holiday season — in the language of currency!