Rapper Rant & Gangsta Poses

Brad with guns in a gangsta poseTrey & I recently pondered why it is that the vast majority of the Hip-Hop "musicians" like 50 Cent, P. Diddy, et al. seem so pissed off, miserable, or just plain constipated?   I mean, c’mon, how unhappy can you justify being if the most challenging part of your day is hauling around $2mil of platinum & diamond jewelry while "bustin’ a rhyme?"   Not sure what I mean?   Click here, here, or here, for a few perfect examples of this.   I’m thinking maybe if they’d pawn off some "bling" and snag a Happy Meal, some of these thugs might just be able to crack a smile…

After all, if we’ve gotta tolerate these jokers bilking most of the Gen Y population out of every last dime on degrading stuff that’s (generally) about as sophisticated as Mother Goose nursery rhymes, can’t we at least demand that they smile big all the way to the bank?

At any rate, it seemed only fitting (fo’ shizzle!) to show Trey proudly assuming the "gangsta" pose that works so well ($$) for rappers & Hip-Hop tough-guy wannabes.


  1. Rob, they’re sellin’ hate and intimidation. Big stuff in the 21st century. Who can out blink/out blank the other one. Fear as profit. And then they turn around and thank God for their success. That’s not the same God I’m thanking.

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