Tuesday Utility Twofer

Sometimes you really need a simple, straightforward tool to get a tedious task done. Well, here are a couple of indispensable goodies from my toolbox to make your day a little easier:

  • 1-4a Rename is an excellent freeware utility makes light work of renaming large collections of files. Great for series of digital camera photos or MP3 music files.
  • Mp3tag by Florian Heidenreich is a free, powerful, fast, & easy-to-use tool to edit MP3 music file metadata tags. Essential for managing a large digital music collection

And in keeping with the whole "two for Tuesday" theme, here’s a second twofer set:

  • mpTrim is a great little free app for removing silent or unwanted parts from MP3 files. Could be really useful when you want to clean up those rambling podcasts.
  • emailStripper is a fantastic free program for cleaning the ">" and other junk formatting characters out of forwarded emails so they’re much easier to read.

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