Plumpy’nut to the Rescue

Plumpynut to the rescue!

Given that March is National Peanut Month, I can think of no better tribute to the lovable legume than to tell you about Plumpy’nut, a remarkable product I originally read about at   Plumpy’nut, which comes in a silvery foil package the size of two grasping baby-size hands, is 500 calories of fortified peanut butter with a consistency similar to mashed potatoes.

What’s so amazing about Plumpy’nut is that this simple beige paste is saving lives!

According to info found on the worldchanging website, Plumpy’nut overcomes most of the obstacles other aid food products have encountered since it doesn’t require preparation and is therefore not dependent upon a clean water source.   The World Health Organization formally recognized the incredible utility of this therapeutic food product for famine relief in third-world countries.   Plumpy’nut has been used in several regions of Africa and during recent tsunami relief efforts.   A 4-week supply (costing only about $20) can literally bring a malnourished child back from the brink of death.

Nutriset, the commendable developer of Plumpy’nut, is a French company whose products are only available to aid organizations & relief agencies.   The company is 100% dedicated to specific food products for humanitarian relief and all profits go to further research & development.

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