When the Museum Closes – Take II

Almost 2 years ago, I stumbled across an animation by Warwick Mellow that served as a thesis project for his studies on kinesiology in 3D computer animation. I had blogged about this awesome animated short back then and had since noticed that blog entry was getting lots of search hits & traffic. But somewhere along the way, the original page I had referenced moved and I wasn’t able to find it again, so I removed the blog entry a few months ago to save some Googlers a bit of frustration.

Well, I was amazed to discover (only yesterday!) that Dede had a copy of the ‘lost’ dancing statue of Pan video file. Not only that, but I also found that the artist’s original site is once again available. You can go to his site to read all about this project and watch the streaming Quicktime video.

Update:   Well, his site is down again, but you can click here to see Warwick Mellow’s answer to the question, “What do statues do at night when the lights are out and nobody is looking?”

Warwick Mellow's Dancing Pan

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