Dolphin Intelligence, Revisited

Despite recent half-baked claims to the contrary, it is widely accepted that dolphins are very smart. This is largely based on an estimation of brain power derived from the brain size to body size ratio or “encephalisation quotient”. Dolphins have an EQ that’s second only to humans. Although that’s certainly a compelling argument for brainpower, scientists have begun to adopt the view that behavior is an even more accurate measure of intelligence within a species.

And with that in mind, it seems like new, exciting dolphin behavioral discoveries are cropping up every few months lately that support an even greater estimation of dolphin intelligence. Nova Spicack’s interesting article “Dolphins are Smarter Than We Think” points to recent discoveries where dolphins have a sense of the future and are able to delay gratification.

Shopping the Perimeter

We caught an episode of Queer Eye a couple of weeks ago where a nutritionist met the “straight guy” & Ted at a grocery store to help them learn how to shop for more healthful food. Nothing particularly new about that. And they started shopping in the produce section. Nothing new about that either. But then she dropped a line that was simplicity at it finest…

Always shop the perimeter of the grocery store first.

Nothing earthshattering there, but still, as I was doing some shopping this morning, I was recalled and was impressed with that simple notion. The perimeter of the grocery store is where you find fresh veggies & fruit, bins of raw nuts, the bakery, seafood counter, meat market, dairy cabinets, etc. In other words, it’s where you find the freshest, least-processed, healthiest foods. Genius!

An added bonus: along the perimeter of the market is also where you usually will find an inexpensive, freshly-cut bundle of flowers to take home to your sweetie…

Roses for my sweetie!