Cunning Linguistics

In preparation for a couple of upcoming major trips, we’ve begun the not-too-easy task of trying to master the basics of a new language. Suffice to say, Cyrillic letters roll off our Texican tongues about like butter off of a frozen knife.

     ?? ????????? ??-???????

At any rate, Dede, Marsha, & I are taking a course at U.T.P.B. led by a charming native-speaker Tatiana Tyutko. So far, we’ve learned just a few introductory phrases like:

     ???? ????? ???.

We’ve also been listening to the very helpful Pimsleur audio language programs, thanks to Brad & the Midland library. And we’ve stumbled across a few sites (like this, this, this, and this) that are helping us wrap our brains around this new stuff.

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