That’s How We Roll

We met up with Clems & Brad (aka “Trey” aka “B Dogg”) at Ikea in Frisco on Friday (hey, that kinda sounds like a song) and nearly bit off more than we could chew.

Clems did some last-minute shopping on his way to the airport and picked up a dining table & 8 chairs for the new house.   Without as much as a tape measure, Rob & Clems “eyeballed” the box and decided we could probably make the stuff fit in the Element for the trip back home.

Well, technically, it did all fit, although just barely.   But in the process we discovered that rear-view visibility is really just a luxury.   Once we got Clems’ stuff loaded and him off to the airport – making his flight with less than 15 minutes to spare – we continued on with our own shopping.   A couple of hours later, we checked out but then had to figure out how to get everything to fit for the ride home.   After some careful planning and strategic manuevering (including back seat removal), Rob got everything crammed inside and all the doors closed — and there was even partial visibility from the rear-view mirror.

As Trey would say, “That’s how we roll around here…”

Rob & Dede in front of Ikea Frisco

Rob's Honda Element completely stuffed with Ikea goods

Update:   Wanna see just how much stuff we managed to bring back with us?   Click here for photos of our Ikea haul.

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