The Pod People Progression

iPod fever continues to spread as Apple wins even more converts with the release of their new second gen iPod Nano series. So, like me, Dede, Gretchen, & Brad “Tre” have joined the ranks of the Pod People:

Brad rolls with an awesome green iPod Mini

Gretchen chills with her iPod Nano v2

Dede rocks with Angus & the boys on her iPod Nano v2

And all 3 quickly figured out that having clean MP3 music file metadata tags is all the more worthwhile once you start loading an iPod up with your tunes. Cleaning up your tags makes it easy to group songs by artist or album or genre and there’s no better tool to help tweak your MP3 files than Florian Heidenreich’s Mp3tag, a powerful & easy-to-use tool that’s also free!

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