Office Space: Recut

Oh man, I can’t get enough of movie trailer mashups where fake movie trailers are created with feature scenes from a film that have been re-cut and cleverly edited to give them a whole new spin.   Recently, Dede blogged about a trio of classic movies reimagined with a Brokeback Mountain theme.   These side-splittingly clever remixes cast questionable new light on scenes from some of these movies.

Well, now the geniuses over at What the Maynard? have recut scenes from Office Space into a horror flick trailer that recasts Milton as a creepy, mumbling, red Swingline stapler-wielding psychopathic killer:

And of course, you also owe it to yourself to go watch Shawn Nee’s This Place Sucks, which is a mashup of Office Space and the Superfriends cartoon that’s almost guaranteed to cause convulsive laughter.   (Warning: Includes some NSFW language.)

Update:   Be sure to take the Office Space Movie Quiz!

While we’re on the topic of mashups, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t immediately go watch the Maynard crew’s insanely clever Brokeback Mountain spin on “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.”   This thing had me in tears from laughing so hard!