What’s On Your Life List?

New Year’s Day is a reflective time to look back on what's happened during the previous 365 trips around the Sun. Many people begin to form some plans or hopes about the coming dozen months and make resolutions to do projects, enact lifestyle changes, travel, or fulfill other personal goals.

Dede's pal, Ellen Degeneres has been on a “Life List” kick over the past season. Not just a simple to-do list, but list of dreams & goals, no matter how fantastic or unreachable they might seem at the moment. We all have those, “I've always wanted to…” or “Someday, I'm gonna…” dreams but most often, those interests go unachieved or abandoned because we get too busy, broke, cynical, tired, or whatever. Ellen contends that you can harness your energy & direction by creating a personal “Life List” — that you’re far more likely to commit or follow-up once goals are listed out right in front of you.

Then yesterday I read this insightful quote on post by Thom G. on his interesting (and sometimes quite candid) Surface Tension blog site:

“Mortal man has but one physical destination — a six-foot hole in the ground, or decorative urn collect[ing] dust on some mantle. I'd like to think it's the journey that makes the destination more meaningful.   For me, now on the cusp of 2007 and nearing my 43rd year, it is the journey that is the teacher.”

This was Thom's attention-grabbing lead-in for 43 Things.

43 Things was founded 2 years ago by Seattle trio Robot Co-op as a social networking tool where you setup an account, start your own list of hopes & dreams, and can even collaborate with others who have similar ambitions. It can also schedule future reminders to help keep you on-track. Nope, ya don’t hafta have 43 things to do — it’s just a catchy title for the site.

After just a few minutes, I had nearly a dozen items on my list on 43 Things. Some are piddly, some just fun, and some downright life-alterting! Will having a list make a diff? Dunno. But having things in black & white does make them seem more possible.   So, what’s on your “Life List?”

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