Another Tuesday Twofer

I’ve been remiss. It’s been almost a year since my original Tuesday Utility Twofer post. So, here’s a couple of new goodies to keep you busy:

Adobe’s Reader 8 is out now and makes for much quicker opening of Acrobat PDF documents that you find on many websites. Its most noticeable change is the clean & streamlined interface, with floating navigation buttons along the left side of the screen that pop out dialogs for comments or sidebars for page selection as appropriate.

Piriform’s CCleaner, (formerly known as Crap Cleaner — gotta love that name!) is a freeware optimization tool that frees up hard disk space and speeds up Windows by removing temporary files, orphaned files, & obsolete Registry entries that accumulate from day-to-day usage or are left behind after uninstalling software. I've used this reliably on dozens of PCs.   (Thanks Eric J!)

      Note: CCleaner is bundled with the Yahoo! toolbar.   However, during the install, you
       can deselect that option. I highly recommend not installing the Yahoo! toolbar.


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