Let It Snow!

We've had that “Oh, the weather outside is frightful…” tune (complete with Dean Martin's “clinking ice in the cocktail glass” sound effect) playing in our heads all week long as the first nasty blast of '07 winter weather hit the Basin. Here's a glimpse of our snow-dusted house last Wednesday:

Winter '07 arrives in the Permian Basin

The massive winter storm that was supposed to blanket us with 4-8″ of snow this weekend sent everyone running, panic-stricken to the grocery stores earlier this week to stock up on provisions for the long hard winter days ahead…


Ultimately, we had less than an hour of heavy snowfall yesterday but there's still snow on the forecast for Monday. But even without snow, it's plenty cold and our new digital thermostat is getting a good workout. The damp, cold weather also gave us a perfect excuse to whip up a killer batch of stew — one of Dede's favorite things!)

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