Pixar Presses On

Just as I was getting excited about Pixar’s new movie for this summer, Ratatouille — about a rat named Rémy (voiced by Patton Oswalt) who dreams of becoming a fine chef in a Parisian restaurant (by The Incredibles director Brad Bird) — I found out about next Summer’s release…

Pixar's Wall-E movie promo banner

Details about Pixar’s Summer ’08 movie, "WALL•E" (from Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton) are sparse, but apparently it’s about a young robot looking for a home in outer space.

Oddly enough, with the smorgasbord of films set for release this summer, some are already wondering "How will Ratatouille fare in Hollywood’s Summer 2007 rat race?

Pixar is also rumored to be working on "Toy Story 3" for Summer ’09…

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