Flipping Faux Flukes

Fuji, a 37 year old dolphin at Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, developed a rare disease in 2002.   After nearly 2 months of antibiotics & transfusion, she underwent surgery to remove the diseased parts last Fall.   She completely recovered from the disease, although she lost 75% of her tail flukes.

But don’t fret, things are looking up for Fuji.   She’s been fitted with the world’s first prosthetic fin, courtesy of Bridgestone. Yup, Japan’s largest tire maker developed the $83,000 prosthetic tail flukes applying the same materials used for Formula One race car tires.

A picture of Fuji's prosthetic flukes created by Bridgestone   Fuji swims in Dolphin Lagoon with her new artificial tail

Click here to watch a video of Fuji in action with her new artificial flipper.