Reliving My Youth

I finally broke down yesterday and bought a pair of Converse® Chuck Taylor® All Stars® sneakers (aka "Chuck’s").   I’ve had my eye on them and tried them on numerous times over the past couple of years but I just never could justify buying them.   I used to have a pair of hi-top Chuck’s when I was a teenager and never realized (or cared) back then that they have zero arch support.   Foot comfort has become important to me since I left my 20’s and this is the main reason that I’ve held off buying them until now.

Yesterday though, I decided it was time to relive my youth, so I did it!   The color was a no-brainer — I had to go with the Caliente red/black combo!   My only decision then was whether to go with the hi-tops or low-tops and, in the end, the low-tops won out.   Below are a couple of pictures of me sporting my new Double Tongue Chuck’s!

a picture of Dede's new Chuck's a side view of Dede's new Chuck's