Track and Field

Dede & I don’t usually send many packages but recently we’ve done quite a bit, between racing around to prepare & ship reams of paperwork needed to update our expiring Russian adoption dossier documents, ordering supplies for our upcoming master bath redo, and having our wayward digital camera shipped home after our most recent Brady trip…   (Thanks again, Glenda!)

So I went Googling for a better way to track all of these packages rather than having to go to each company’s website for each item shipped.   And I found Jason Young’s Simple Tracking which lets you enter a FedEx, DHL, or USPS tracking number to get quick info on the whereabouts of your packages in transit.   Even better, it provides a link you can use to subscribe to an RSS feed for automatic shipment tracking updates.

Want to see it in action?   Type "859552121988" in the form below & click the Track button:

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While you’re at, be sure to sign the online petition to allow them to do UPS tracking!