The Machine is Us/ing Us

Although not exactly new since it’s been circulating around the blogosphere for several weeks, there’ve been a few friends who drew a blank when this was referenced, so Dede encouraged me to post an entry about this video.

Ethnography is defined as the study of the origin, characteristics, and distribution of different cultural and ethnic groups.   An ethnographer’s job is to immerse himself in the social scene being studied and participate in order to get a better understanding of that culture.   Professor Michael Wesch & his students in the Digital Ethnography group at Kansas State University have done just that with their The Machine is Us/ing Us video.

Considered a crash course on Web 2.0, this fascinating presentation neatly dissects the dizzying social impact of the Internet, where people are more plugged in than ever before, creating, collaborating, discussing, & sharing virtual worlds.   The web is a machine.   It’s a tool.   It’s home for many of us.   Or to paraphrase Prof. Wesch, the web is us

Did this video strike a chord with you?   Does the whole "Web 2.0" thing leave your head spinning?   Leave a comment & let us know what you think!

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