Blogathon ’07 Results

Jimmy Patterson at Blogathon 2007

A few days ago, I wrote about Jimmy Patterson’s Blogathon ’07 fundraising plans.   Well, by golly, not only did he go through with living atop a scissor jack 30 feet in the air for 24 hours, but in the process, he managed to raise the 2nd highest amount of all Blogathon ’07 participants!   Yup, even in spite of annoying technical difficulties (dang webcam!), looming storm clouds, drunks congregating at Whataburger at, and the sweltering West Texas heat, he toughed it out and raised $4,293 for Midland Fair Havens!   Awesome job, Jimmy!

At last tally, Blogathon 2007 has raised over $125k in pledges this weekend for a variety of worthwile charities.

Update:   In the interim since Jimmy’s descent from his lofty perch, donations have continued to pour in, bumping the new total up to $6,353.   Not only did he far exceed his $5k goal, but he’s claimed the top fund raiser slot for this year’s Blogathon!

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