Collective Soul’s Afterwords Coming Soon!

Collective Soul  Afterwords album coverMan, I am so stoked!

I just found out that one of my most favoritest bands, Collective Soul, is gearing up to release their seventh studio album in August.   I’ve long since been hooked on their sometimes-orchestral, post-grunge, layered music so I’m definitely psyched for this new disc!

The interesting twist that accompanies the release of their "Afterwords" album on August 28th?   The band has struck a deal with Target as the exclusive retailer for the (physical) CD & iTunes for the (digital) downloadable files.

You can give a listen to the Georgia quintet’s awesome, bouncy new single, "Hollywood" at Collective Soul’s MySpace page.   At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but the style of this new song really reminded me of another band.   Then it finally hit me… (with a gentle nudge from Dede)   The Cars, back in the ’80s..   Anyone else catch that vibe?

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