Hugs and Roses

We celebrated our 11th Anniversary yesterday.   You might recall from my 8 Random Dede Things post last month that August 3rd is also my parent’s and grandparent’s anniversaries.

hugs and rosesThe day started on a GREAT note with Rob sneaking out of the house early to get me a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee.   Then, I arrived at work to discover that part of his sneaking out early also included a bouquet of 11 roses on my desk along with 11 hugs and a romantic card.   Did I mention how much I love this man???   😉

The morning flew by quickly and then we had a department pizza party luncheon that included cake & ice cream to celebrate our department winning the fundraising Springfest event held earlier this year for Children’s Miracle Network.   Did I mention how much I love cake & ice cream???   😉

The afternoon took a turn for the worse with the Murphy’s Law set of computer woes on a Friday afternoon.   After dealing with those problems, we left work a little early to meet up with the cable guy to fix our Internet (it had been down since Wednesday morning).   When we got home, we hit the garage door opener button but the door only opened about halfway and then stopped.   The cable pulley thingy chose that moment to break and come undone and wad up the cable in between the cracks on the panel of the door.   We did our best to try and fix it and quickly discovered we are lacking in garage door repair skills.   It was now after 5:00 p.m. so I figured there was no way that the door was going to be working before Monday but I went ahead and left a voice mail with the garage door company.

A few minutes later, the garage door people called and said they would get their crew to stop by on their way back in.   Wow… I couldn’t believe it!   The next thing we knew, they were here and working on the door – they just showed up and started working without even telling us they were here!   The cable guy also showed up and the front of house now looked like a work zone with all the repair vehicles parked outside.

The garage door guys finished up and left without saying goodbye or leaving a bill. They were just get in, get it done and get gone kind of guys I guess.   It must have been beer:30 for them.   It took the cable guy a little longer (he had to make a second trip to get another modem) but eventually he got everything going again.

We finished up the evening by going out to an Italian dinner with some friends to celebrate our anniversary and they served us ice cream and made up an anniversary song to sing to us (similar to the Happy Birthday song).   Did I mention how much I love ice cream????   😉

Despite the few inconveniences yesterday, it was a wonderful anniversary, as is everyday that I share with my husband.