Milton & his red Swingline staplerOh yeah, I was confident in my complete mastery of the movie.   Yup, the way we spout off the lines, you’d think all of us at work had a hand in writing the script for Office Space.

Yet, when it came time to prove my stuff?   Well, not so much.   Think you can fare better?   Take the Office Space Movie Quiz for yourself and let’s just see how many you can score correctly out of the 100 questions.

A word of warning, some of these questions are brutally tough even for the most hardcore of fans!   Good luck, Lumberghs!

Big props go out to Eric J. for the link to the Bill Lumbergh Soundboard.   Pop on over there and listen to some hilarious sound clips of Gary Cole’s character from the movie.

Update:   Be sure to check out the "Office Space: Recut" that recasts Milton as a creepy, mumbling, stapler-wielding psycho in a horror flick!

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