After Words On Afterwords

Collective Soul's "Afterwords" album coverLast month I was fired up about Collective Soul’s forthcoming Afterwords CD.   Well, the album released yesterday and sure enough, it’s great stuff!

I quickly got the feeling that they’ve worked hard to pay homage to some of their own favorite musicians.   On "Bearing Witness," you’d almost swear they had George Harrison on guitar.   There’s the distictive chimey guitar reminiscent of U2’s Edge in "Good Morning After All."   You can easily hear The Cars influence on the CD’s bouncy, fun, first single "Hollywood."   Dede & I both picked up on some Cheap Trick and on "What I Can Give You," there’s even a nod to The Killers.

Even atop all of that, the album still has the signature Collective Soul sound.   If you liked their previous albums, you’re sure to enjoy this one, too!   Grab the CD for $10 this week at Target and let us know how you like it!

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