September Suggestions

Blogtipping iconEaston Ellsworth’s Blogtipping concept is simple:   you link to three unsuspecting blogs with three compliments & one helpful comment or idea for each blog author.   Giving a few fellow bloggers a pat on the back is just a nice way to start the month off on a positive note.

So, here are September’s Blogtipping sites:

I’m an Organizing Junkie by Laura covers a topic that’s near & dear to Dede’s heart – organization.   3 (actually 4) things she loves about this blog (aside from the fact that it’s about her most favorite subject of all time!):

  1. Great pictures that clearly show how to use the organization tips discussed.
  2. Naturally, this blog is very well-organized!   Tips are easy to find since they’re arranged in categories.
  3. Laura offers ideas for organizing things that I’d never thought of organizing (like bad habits, for example).
  4. Lots of links to other sites & creative organizing ideas.
  • Tip: The pages are a bit cluttered with distracting ad banners along the side but that’s probably something that can’t be changed for sponsorship reasons.

Escape Adulthood by Kim & Jason Kotecki is a great way to keep the Summer vibe with ideas to help grown-ups escape adulthood & children have better childhoods:

  1. "Business Wisdoms" & other creative solutions for reducing the stress of Adultitis and keeping your inner child alive & kicking.
  2. The site is chocked full of Jason’s great artwork & fun cartoons!
  3. The Lemonade Stand online store has loads of cool products for the young at heart.
  • Tip: It might be nice to be able to filter the posts by author in addition to the other categories.

Cool Tools by Kevin Kelly showcases tools, gadgets, software, videos, books, websites, or just about anything else that’s useful:

  1. The range of stuff is incredible – where else can you find reviews of Kevlar thread along side a book about pre-Columbian American Indians and a primer on gel pens?
  2. Site is easy to navigate and search.
  3. Subscribe via RSS feed and/or direct email newsletters to keep up-to-date.
  • Tip: I’d like to see a few more categories – books & software, for example.

Now it’s your turn – have a favorite site you’d like to share?   Post a comment!