Rain, Sun & Fun

We went to Brady last weekend for the annual Labor Day Goat Cook-off and although we never actually went to the cook-off, we sure enjoyed the long weekend with our friends.

We joked about the weather before we left because the last couple of times we’ve gone down there the weather turned bad and we’ve had to come home early.   There was even a freak snowstorm during last Easter and we ended up driving home in a blizzard.   This time we thought we were safe so our only plans for the weekend were to hang out in the pool and soak up the sun.   Well, here’s the view of the pool about an hour after we jumped in.

More rain in Brady, Texas

Yep, it rained for most of the afternoon on Saturday but luckily that was it.   The rest of the weekend the weather was perfect for a relaxing time at the pool.

Our friends Glenda & Bryan in Brady aren’t night owls and rarely have overnight guests, so I think we pretty much throw their life off-balance whenever we visit.   Since they didn’t own any boardgames (who doesn’t have any games?), I insisted that we purchase some for a game night on Saturday.   Amberly helped me pick out some electronic music trivia game.   Everyone loved it and we sat up late playing it until the questions started repeating.   The next day, we purchased another game, Imaginiff and it was awesome!   I can’t wait to play it with some of our friends here.

We also got to see Amberly’s new guitar and hear a few performances from her.   Here she is with her Ibanez guitar in her happy place.   😉

Amberly's new Ibanez guitar