A Challenge Answered

Kirk Blanchard at Just Thinkin’ issued a friendly challenge to fellow bloggers who’ve been around for a year or more to republish your first blog post.

Seemed like a fun & nostalgic glimpse at the humble beginnings of 2Dolphins, so I decided to take up the gauntlet…   (Dede just loves it when I dredge up obscure phrases like that!)   Yup, my first official Blogger post from Saturday, March 13th, ’04 is still online & oh-so-exciting:

Update:   Kirk posted a comment wondering if these were still available.   Well, yes they are and here’s a page where you can view the whole lineup of Victorinox SwissMemory multitools.

USB Swiss Army Knife

USB Swiss Army KnifeThe Register is reporting that Victorinox (the Swiss Army Knife people) and Swissbit (the USB memory people) will unveil at the German computer fair CeBIT next week the ultimate pocket tool for geeks…

The USB Swiss Army Knife comes in 64 & 128 megabyte versions.