It’s Like, Us!

Rob & Dede's Simpsons avatarsBack in July when the movie released, Dede whipped up custom Simpsons avatars on The Simpsons Movie website that depicted us as Springfield’s newest residents.

Then yesterday, I came across a link to another fun Simpsons character generator widget that does an even better job of transforming a photo of you into a Matt Groening-style Simpsons character.   Here’s what Dede & I look like according to Simpsonize Me!


Rob & Dede's DoppleMe avatarsAlso earlier this week, I stumbled across the DoppleMe Free Dynamic Avatar Maker and decided to see what we’d look like in their little world…

It’s a little surprising how well some of these avatar generators capture your likeness.   You can use these images on Internet forums or social sites.   Have you tried any of these?   Post a link or pic so we can see what you came up with!