Bag a Box

Balikbayan Box CoverAs Dede & I were gearing up for our return trip to Moscow, Russia, we struggled to find a way to pack a large box of provisions that would still be well-sealed even after security inspection.   I was concerned that the TSA officials might not be especially thorough about re-taping the box seams which could lead to the box tearing open in transit and spilling out much-needed cargo.   Clems came to the rescue with a simple, but incredibly effective solution — the Balikbayan Box Cover.

The Balikbayan Box Cover is a heavy-duty canvas bag with reinforced seams, industrial-strength zipper, & side handles that’s designed specifically to fit a 20″ x 20″ x 20″ cardboard box (commonly available at paper goods companies and/or office supply shops).   At 60 linear inches, this conforms to major airline luggage size restrictions, although I discovered that you do have to be pretty creative to keep the weight within the 50 lb. limit in such a large box.   The beauty of the box cover is that after TSA officials inspect and reseal your box, they can zip the top flap on the bag closed and your box is further protected from re-opening.   The bag also helps guard your box (and its contents) from rough airline baggage handling.

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